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Noun + Preposition Combinations

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Noun + Preposition Combinations Empty Noun + Preposition Combinations

Post by Mohammad Ahmad on Tue May 29, 2018 8:00 pm

Noun + Preposition Combinations
 a check for (an amount of money)
He gave me a check for $100
 a demand for
There's a huge demand for affordable housing.
 a need for
This country has a real need for trustworthy leaders.
 a reason for
There's no reason for such bad behavior.
 credit for
I have to give her credit for doing a great job.
 a preference for
I have a preference for historical movies, but I'll watch pretty much anything.
 a reputation for
He has a reputation for honesty and kindness.
 respect/admiration for
I have enormous respect for firefighters.
 a talent for
Some people have a real talent for singing.
 room for
Is there room for a water bottle inside the backpack?
 a rise in / an increase in
There's been a rise in global temperatures.
 a fall in / a decrease in
There's been a fall in prices lately.
 interest in
That book sparked my interest in politics.
 a delay in
He was responsible for the delay in the preparations.

experience in
Do you have any experience in this area?
 a cause of
Losing my job was the cause of all my problems.
 a photograph/picture of something
We took quite a few pictures of the beach.
 a process of
We're in the process of remodeling our house.
 an advantage of / a disadvantage of
The advantage of taking the bus is that you don't have to worry about parking.
 a habit of
I have the habit of eating ice cream while I watch TV.
 no intention of
I have no intention of quitting my job anytime soon.
 a lack of
We couldn't believe his lack of table manners.
 a result of
She presented the results of her research.
 damage to
The hurricane caused some damage to my house.
 an addiction to
I think he has an addiction to video games.
 dedication/devotion to
His life is guided by his devotion to religion.
 a reaction to
They didn't show any reaction to the news.
 access to
Only employees should have access to the files.
 a response/reply to

I couldn't hear his reply to the question.
 a contribution to
Thanks for your contribution to the project.
 a threat to
Pollution is a threat to the environment.
 an exception to
There are some exceptions to the grammar rules in English.
 anger at Your anger at him is perfectly justified.
 an expert on/at/in She’s an expert at fixing things.
 an attack on The soldiers are planning an attack on the enemy base.
 an effect on This medication might have an effect on your appetite.
 a ban on There’s a ban on genetically-modified foods.
 a tax on The government wants to raise the tax on alcoholic beverages.
 a speech on/about I’m going to give a speech on overcoming obstacles.
 a difference between I don’t see much of a difference between those two shades of blue.
 protection from This helmet offers the best protection from injuries.
 a break from I need a break from all this studying!

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