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Tenses sequence

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Tenses sequence  Empty Tenses sequence

Post by Mohammad Ahmad on Sun May 27, 2018 3:28 pm

Tenses sequence
تعاقب الأزمنة
موضوع مهم لكل مترجم في النحو
English sentence maybe consisted of one clause usually is called the main clause or it is consisted of main clause and one or two or more clauses which are called the subordinate clauses or the secondary clauses.
In another way, the main clause also is named the independent clause and the secondary clause is named the dependent clause.
الجملة الرئيسية ( المستقلة ) والجملة الثانوية ( التابعة)
في بعض التسميات يطلق على الجملة التابعة : جملة
Clause of (that) i.e. it comes after the coordinating conjunction That , the meaning is always found in the main clause
المعنى دائما في الجملة الرئيسية
Main clauses and the subordinate clauses

The underlined clauses are subordinate clauses

We knew that the bridge was unsafe.
He didn't go to his work yesterday, because he was ill.
He didn't go to his work today because he was ill
Possibly the action has happened before the time of speaking
He doesn't go to his work today because he is ill.

Tense of verb in main clause \\\ Tense of verb in subordinate clause

Present He thinks that it will rain. Future simple
Past He thought that it would rain.* Conditional
Present He sees that he has made a mistake. Pres. perf.
Past He saw that he had made a mistake.* Past perf.
Present I work so hard that I am always tired. Present
Past I worked so hard that I was always tired.* Past
Pres. perf. He has done all that is necessary. Present
Past perf. He had done all that was necessary.* Past
Pres. He says that he is going to eat it. Pres. continuous
Past: He said that he was going to eat it. Past continuous

Note that infinitive and gerunds are not affected by the above rules:

He wants to go to Lyons. He wanted to go to Lyons. Infinitive
He likes riding. He liked riding. Gerund

في مثل نمط الجملة تحت من الممكن أن يأتي المضارع بعد الابتداء بالماضي

He was graduated as an engineer at 1999 but now he works as a trader.

الفعل الأول \\ الفعل الثاني

مضارع بسيط ------ مستقبل بسيط
ماضي بسيط ---- مستقبل بالماضي
مضارع بسيط ------- مضارع تام
ماضي بسيط --------- ماضي تام
مضارع بسيط ------ مضارع بسيط
ماضي بسيط ------ ماضي بسيط
مضارع تام ----- مضارع بسيط
ماضي تام ----- ماضي بسيط
مضارع بسيط ----- مضارع مستمر
ماضي بسيط ---- ماضي مستمر
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